Business Coaching Benefits

The 2009 Masters Golf Tournament presented one of the most exciting finishes of the year. One of the great stories from the event was the comeback of Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson in the final round. While neither of them won, it made for some exciting viewing on Sunday. What wasn’t well known was the hour that Tiger spent on the practice range after Saturday’s round with his coach, Hank Haney, working on his swing. For those who have played golf, you know it is a challenging game and even the best player in the world uses a coach.

Business can be a lot like golf, as it oftentimes presents some difficult challenges. Yet, how many of us have a coach to help us perform our best? Business coaching, like in sports, involves listening, helping clients discover their blind spots, collaborating with them on solutions, and holding them accountable to achieve the results that they want. Oh, and also cheering their successes!

So, if you’re sometimes wondering what might be missing in achieving what you really want in your business, consider the benefits of coaching. At Excellerate Solutions, we are certified business coaches and our expertise is helping people achieve their professional and personal goals.