Courageous Leadership

I’ve recently read a book entitled “Leadership Courage” by David Cottrell and Eric Harvey. This book is available through Walk the Talk, The book describes eleven strategies that effective leaders consciously decide to follow – regardless of what others might do. Together they serve as wonderful reminders of how courage to do the right things differentiates the truly great leaders.

A favorite part of the book tells the story of Alexander the Great and a march across a desert with his army. After 11 days people were dying of thirst when two of his scouts return with a small amount of water, barely a cupful, which they present to Alexander. In front of his army, Alexander receives it, pours it out into the sand and says, “It’s of no use for one to drink when many thirst”. Alexander gave his troops the only things he had to give in that moment: example and inspiration.

If you are in a leadership position in your business, ask yourself what you are giving to your people that will inspire and serve as an example for them to continually meet their challenges. Even if you’re just leading yourself, think about how you inspire and serve as an example to those around you. You don’t need to be Alexander the Great, but you can be a courageous, Great Leader.