Customer Loyalty: A Portrait of Success

So, what does it take to run a business for over 20 years that: has ~400 clients, has been in business and profitable since 1986, has never laid off any employees, generates 90% + of its clients from referrals, and ~ 50% of its employees (non-owners) have over 10 years of service each?

Well, Micromedic, an IT, web services company serving small-to-medium sized businesses, has a winning formula we can all learn from.

I recently sat down and spoke to Greg Stocking, a Partner and V.P. of Technology for Micromedic, about their key “ingredients” that have generated the level of customer loyalty that Micromedic enjoys, deserves and earns every day.

  • We stick to our core service offering and only expand into areas that are a natural extension of our core and that add real value for our clients. We know what we are good at and strive for excellence every day.
  • Each client engagement is a customized solution based on the client’s ongoing needs and expected results. The secret is to keep listening to our clients to uncover changing and new needs.
  • Treat each client fairly and with the same level of service responsiveness regardless of their size.
  • Assign the “right” lead technician(s) to the “right” client. This lead tech(s) stays with the client throughout the engagement to ensure the success of the relationship. The client is provided with the technician’s cell phone # for direct contact and immediate response. Back-up tech support is provided 365 days X 24 hours and includes some of the Partners.
  • Hire the “right” people always! Everybody at Micromedic including the technicians are in sales and customer service. We hire professionals that are self-starters, self-motivated and managed and that have excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Treat employees with respect, compensate them fairly and reward them based on individual and company performance. Loyal employees lead to loyal customers.

What is your organization’s winning formula for customer loyalty??