Goal Setting for an Extraordinary Life

Did you ever wonder why so many of the goals we set for ourselves do not get accomplished? Or why so many of our New Year’s resolutions go by the “wayside” after a few months?

Well, I think I may have found the answer…..

Last year I got clearer on my life’s purpose – to profoundly impact the lives of the people I touch in both my personal and professional life. During this same time my dear friend Erik was losing his six year battle with lung cancer. I found myself searching for a way to honor him, his wife and his two adult children. What could I do?

In June, another friend of mine, David, asked me to join him in running a marathon – that’s right, 26.2 miles!! (Up to this point, the longest I ever ran was a 10K back in 1991 when I was in my very early 30’s.) I thought, if David can do it, so can I.
That following Monday morning, I went to register for the Marine Corps Marathon (MCM) on-line but found that the general registration was closed. The only way I could register was through one of the affiliated charities. BOOM! There it was! The answer to my question! I could honor Erik and his family by running the marathon as part of the American Cancer Society (ACS) team.

So began my four month sojourn of getting up early in the morning (to beat the heat) in order to jog for hours at a time while raising money for ACS in Erik’s honor. Talk about a wake-up call! Through all of the aches, pains and injuries, I completed my first marathon in 5hours & 16 minutes. More importantly, I kept my word to Erik by bringing his family together to honor his memory and by being the #1 ACS fund raiser for this marathon.
You see, I discovered that when I set a goal (running the MCM in honor of Erik) that is tied to my life purpose, I have much more at stake and therefore almost assured the attainment of my goal. Obstacles along the way appear as mere speed bumps to be graciously crossed over.

So, the next time you set an important goal in your life, get in touch with your life purpose and vision and let it provide you with the power and focus you will need to cross the “finish line”.