Out of the Box Leadership

One of my favorite books on leadership is entitled “Leadership and Self-Deception” written by the Arbinger Institute. It tells the story of a manager named Bud who joined a company named Zagrum. This company had adopted a strategy on how to interact with others that focused on the many choices we have each day to either see each person we interact with as a person or an object. As an object we look at people as support to help us achieve what we want, or as an obstacle in the way of achieving something we want. As a person, we look at people the way they really are, with their own wants and needs and view them as we would want to be viewed.

The box that many leaders put themselves in is caused by seeing people as objects and not for who they really are. When I’m in the box, I like to play the blame game, which usually results in other people playing the same game or some variation, which then allows me to feel right about blaming them in the first place. When I’m out of the box, I am aware of other people’s needs, respect them and honor my commitments to them because they are worthy of being honored and receiving my help. The challenge is to get out of the box and stay out of it.

If you would like to learn more about “getting out of the box”, read the book and give us a call. Life is a journey and every choice we make can change our path.