Tell Your Story in a Powerful Way

Occasionally I have a coaching client or friend who is interested in making a career or job change and they ask me to review their resume. To add more value in these conversations, I recently attended a two day workshop conducted by Richard A. Hart entitled “Make Your Resume Talk”. Dick is a well-known author of a book with the same title. He conducts numerous workshops to help people apply the principles reviewed in his book. He has literally helped hundreds of people find work that engages their passion and helps to fulfill their lives.

One of Dick’s primary messages is that your resume is an advertisement, not an obituary! It should tell the story about how good you are and why you deserve an interview. It’s a very positive document. To prepare for telling your story in a powerful way you need to determine the answers to the following questions:

  • Who am I, what are my passions?
  • What do I offer?
  • What are my strengths and weaknesses?
  • What are the main contributions I can make?
  • Who do I want to target for engaging my passion?

Every resume should tell the story about why you are good for a particular position; therefore your resume will change for every targeted position. The objective part of the resume is the most important part. It matches the job description advertisement to what you are good at, your skills and experience – the YOU factor. Dick’s coaching tells you how to do this clearly and briefly and how to make you stand out from others.

There are five important factors in creating a powerful resume and having a successful interview:

  • Believe in yourself: be clear about what you’re good at, what you’ve done to demonstrate how good you are and how well this positions you for what you want.
  • Attitude: stay positive, you have even more talent than what is on the paper!
  • Be persistent: show up at your targeted company and show an interest that makes you stand out. Let them know what you’re made of.
  • Prepare: research the company, the position and the hiring people. If you are changing careers, conduct informational interviews with people in your targeted industry.
  • Relax: if you do the above items, you are in a position to be successful. Let the real you shine!

There are many other tips offered in Dick’s book and workshop. Ask yourself what you enjoy about your work, what are you passionate about and find a position that offers what you want.