Your Board of Advisors

​Most well run privately held organizations have a balanced Board of Directors that advise the executive management team on strategic direction, governance, and other critical matters including feedback on results. Members of the Board are carefully selected for their wisdom, expertise, successful leadership, vision, and ability to guide the organization to success. Other important traits are honesty and objectivity.

So, if organizations have a Board of Advisors (BOA) to guide them to achieve the “next level”, why shouldn’t you surround yourself with individuals that you can trust? Those people that will: ask you the tough questions, carefully listen to what is holding you back in business and life, put challenging life situations into proper perspective, encourage you, empathize, laugh and celebrate success with you, help you learn from failures, etc.. Each member of your BOA should have your best interests at heart and not “sell out” for your love, acceptance and/or approval. Your BOA may include a family member, a friend, a mentor, a colleague, a lawyer, an accountant, a minister or priest, and a coach.

In their recently published book, “Coach – 10.5 Reasons to Hire One”, Joan Walsh and David Herdlinger succinctly articulate why and how a coach can make a huge difference in your life and business. Below are the 10.5 reasons why you should seriously consider having a professional coach as part of your BOA.

1. To Gain Accountability – A coach will help you hold yourself accountable to your stated intentions and goals. Coaching is based on an open and trusting relationship that’s totally focused on what matters most in your life – both personally and professionally.

2. To Gain Clarity – By asking the right questions, your coach will enable you to see the forest from the trees and chart a meaningful course of action for goal achievement.

3. To Be Challenged – With a coach in your corner, you will move out of your comfort zone and go from complacency and mediocrity to challenging and extraordinary!

4. To Be Encouraged – Receiving timely and authentic acknowledgment and encouragement for a job well done goes a long way toward fueling your next success.

5. To Achieve Balance – Striving for balance in both your personal and professional life is a “juggling act” and a journey better taken with a coach will shed the proper amount of perspective along the way.

6. To Receive Feedback – Providing both constructive and positive feedback on an ongoing basis is a key to identifying your blind spots, and learning from your experiences so as to get to your “next level”.

7. To Quiet the Critic in Your Head – Supporting your efforts to change that negative “private” voice to a positive one goes a long way toward taking on new challenges in spite of the fear, uncertainty, and doubt that accompany all of us through life.

8. To Resolve Problems – A coach will help you maintain objectivity, leverage problem solving and decision making processes and keep negative emotions from blocking “right actions”.

9. To Reduce Stress – Minimizing your exposure to prolonged periods of high stress starts with an awareness of the stressors or “tolerations” in our lives followed by appropriate changes in our habits of behavior and thought. Coaching helps turn stress into a positive energy force in your life through proper management.

10. To Discover Your Life’s Purpose – Identifying why you are on this earth is fundamental to achieving extraordinary results in your life.

10.5 To Build Your Team – As a leader in your organization, your job is to get results through the collective effort of your most important resource – your team! Organizational development initiatives undertaken with a skilled coach can make the difference for you and your colleagues.

In closing, I encourage you to clearly define your BOA and start leveraging the gifts of your trusted advisory team today! Dave, Susan and I would be honored to be a member of your team.