Conversations are the life blood of any organization because they determine our degree of connection or division.
This workshop offers 4 practical and common sense steps to turn difficult conversations into productive collaborations. While there is no magic bullet, there are proven principles and a logical sequence which are commonly neglected. These 4 steps can help anyone improve relationships and results in both your professional and personal life.
Who Should Attend

Any team member or leader interested in improving communication and collaboration skills.

Whole teams or departments looking to shift their communication culture and practices to better blend and capitalize on differences.

Typical Challenges Addressed
  • Resolving conflict

  • Increasing engagement and involvement

  • Keeping emotions from derailing productivity

  • Reaching agreement when strong differences exist
  • Expected Outcomes
  • When to address an issue and who should be involved.

  • Thoughts and actions that are most constructive and destructive in communications.

  • Strategies for building agreement.

  • How to speak up and show respect.
  • Workshop Structure

    Length: Full day

    Materials Provided: Workbooks

    Methods Used: Presentations with PowerPoint, group and paired discussions, interactive exercises, action planning

    Constructive Conversations – 360 Feedback Report © - Identify communication strengths and weaknesses from those you work with and create clear strategies for Constructive Conversations going forward.

    Constructive Conversations – Team Report © (for intact teams)

    An original work of Bill Winfrey and Adaptive Team Leadership

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