Which relationships sap your energy? Bring out your best? What adaptations can you make to improve team dynamics?
Building a successful team (or career) is as dependent on your ability to work with others as it is on individual talent.
In this DISC-based workshop, you’ll learn how to identify work styles from observing behavioral clues and how to adapt to each style more effectively.
You’ll leave with clear strategies for creating greater rapport and collaboration with those on your team, customers, colleagues and other important stakeholders connected to your organization.
Who Should Attend

Individuals, leaders, or teams that would benefit from a better understanding of work style differences.

Typical Challenges Addressed
  • Frustrations, misunderstandings, and lack of rapport with co-workers.
  • Little respect or tolerance for those doing things differently.
  • Productivity plateau or stall.
  • A lack of innovation and collaboration.
Expected Outcomes
  • Ability to read co-worker styles in the moment.
  • Clarity of your preferred work style.
  • Practical ways to adapt your behavior for more productive relationships.
  • Greater appreciation for the strengths that each work style brings to the team/organization.
Workshop Structure

Length: Half day or Full day

Materials Provided: Workbooks

Methods Used: Presentations with PowerPoint, group and paired discussions, interactive exercises, action planning.

DISC Behavioral Assessment Report – A 15 – 20 minute self assessment that measures a person’s natural and adaptive behavioral styles.

An original work of Bill Winfrey and Adaptive Team Leadership

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