This workshop will provide you with a broad but simple guide for adjusting your coaching style for the individuals you lead. Because needs shift, it’s essential to make appropriate adjustments in your coaching style to remain relevant, and to continue to develop your team members’ abilities and performance.
Adaptive Coaching offers you an easy to use framework to help you coach to an individual’s current need, instead of just reverting to personal preference or habit.
Who Should Attend

Leaders at any level, or individuals looking to increase their ability to influence others.

Typical Challenges Addressed
  • Avoiding micro-managing team members
  • Keeping high performers motivated
  • Clarifying performance expectations – getting on the “same page”
  • Growing team members’ performance and capability
Expected Outcomes
  • A clear plan for coaching those you lead.
  • A common coaching language between you and your team members.
  • When and how to shift your coaching style (Directing, Facilitating, and Delegating).
  • Pinpointing the critical issue effecting a team member’s current performance (Competence, Confidence, or Motivation)
Workshop Structure

Length: Half day or Full day

Materials Provided: Workbooks

Methods Used: Presentations with PowerPoint, group and paired discussions, interactive exercises, action planning

Adaptive Coach – 360 Feedback Report: Identify strengths and weaknesses of your coaching style through the eyes of those you lead and work with.

An original work of Bill Winfrey and Adaptive Team Leadership

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