Adaptability is essential for long term leadership effectiveness. When leaders are inflexible, it results in an “Over or Under Use” of key skills that over time, wears out their welcome and ability to impact performance. Is how you’re leading in service to what your team and business needs right now?
This workshop will present a new and simple approach that helps leaders better understand:
  • Key team needs and corresponding leadership roles.
  • The need for balance within 6 pairs of complementary leadership skill sets that work in tandem.
  • Where temporary shifts in leadership behavior can have an immediate impact.

Who Should Attend

Leaders at any level and/or business owners

Typical Challenges Addressed
  • Team and leader not on same “page”
  • Leadership inflexibility
  • Stalled team performance
  • Leading a good team to high performance

Expected Outcomes
  • Understand how team needs shift from start-up to maturity.
  • Identify the fit of your leadership style with your team’s current needs.
  • A clear plan of what and how much of your leadership behaviors/skills to adjust to better match your team’s needs.

Workshop Structure

Length: Half day or Full day

Materials Provided: Workbooks

Methods Used: Presentations with PowerPoint, group and paired discussions, interactive exercises, action planning.

Adaptive Leader – 360© Feedback Report - Reflects the leader’s degree of “Over and Under Use” in 6 pairs of complementary skill sets per inputs of those he/she leads.

An original work of Bill Winfrey and Adaptive Team Leadership

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