Emotional Intelligence is a set of abilities, competencies and traits that enable a person to perceive, understand and constructively act on the information emotions provide in a particular context. This instrument uses 7 scales:
  1. Awareness of emotions
  2. Identifying own emotions
  3. Identifying others emotions
  4. Managing own emotions
  5. Managing others emotions
  6. Using emotions in problem solving
  7. Expressing emotions adaptively.

This assessment measures how developed each of these constructs are in a person’s life. This instrument is used with the permission of Healthy Growing Leaders.
  • Leadership development
  • Enhance employee selection
  • Performance improvement
  • Team development
  • Conflict management
  • Improve job satisfaction
Participant Insights Gained
  • Become more effective by better managing their emotions.
  • Better understanding of others’ emotions and positively managing them.
  • Learn to use emotions constructively to problem-solve, be creative, and engage more effectively with others.
  • Employees with higher emotional intelligence have been shown to be more adept at handling conflict, adopting a more positive work attitude and demonstrating more altruistic behavior towards their colleagues
  • Short on-line assessment
  • Individualized report with participant’s scores in each of 7 areas compared to others who have taken the assessment
  • Debrief coaching session discusses and guides the participant through an in-depth understanding of the results and how to use emotional intelligence to impact their performance.

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