In our rapidly changing, time-conscious world, we are forced to get more done… with fewer people… in less time. The quantity of time will not change. There are always twenty four hours in a day. Therefore, what needs to change is our perception of time and how we manage it. Time management is not a time management issue but rather a goals/values clarification issue - investing in those activities which will return the personal and professional rewards that you desire.
Typical Challenges Addressed
  • Breaking Bad Habits: Awareness of the habits that are a misuse of our time and energy begins with an honest assessment of our daily activities. Developing new values based habits requires that we analyze our attitudes and behaviors in relation to the outcomes we desire in our lives.
  • Lacking a Purpose & Vision: In our fast paced, action oriented lives, we often don’t take (or make) the time to get clear on why we are here at this moment, what we value most and what we want to create in the future for ourselves and others. You will get more out of your time when you get and stay connected to your purpose, core values and vision for your life.
  • Written Goals & Plans: It sounds easy and logical right? But taking the time to clearly articulate your goals, connect them to your purpose and values, and create a practical plan is not.
  • Overcoming Procrastination: Putting things off until the last minute can get us into action and it can also create an environment of excessive pressure where mistakes are more easily made. Consequently, we spend precious moments correcting our mistakes and possibly miss out on opportunities that are a better use of this precious resource called time.
  • Prioritization: Distinguishing between the “important” vs. the “urgent”. The “must-do” vs “to-do”.
Expected Outcomes
  • Reduction of Stress
  • Increased Productivity
  • Enhanced Personal/Work Life Balance
  • Accelerated Goal Accomplishment

This developmental coaching process typically includes:

  • Multiple sessions using skill development materials (text, action plan & audio CDs)
  • Personal assessments and debrief sessions to develop awareness and clarity of how you are wired, and interact with others.
  • Individual coaching addressing situational opportunities to apply new skills and insights.
  • Other options are available based upon individual or group needs.
  • Sessions conducted individually or in a group setting: face-face, video conference, or phone calls.

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