The Bigger Game Workshop – Innovative Thinking

The Bigger Game is a model and methodology that creates intentional positive change for individuals and teams in the organizational climate. In The Bigger Game workshop employees experience a hands-on tool to implement – and even welcome – a sustainable, positive impact, both internally in their own work environments and externally in service of generating successful positive results.
Organizations are challenged today like never before as they navigate the complexities of a “new normal.” Success is the constant desired outcome and yet the means to that success must now be different. “Business as usual” is no longer the easy option to sustainable success. Today’s workplace requires the necessity for individuals and teams to think, behave and strategize in brand new ways.
Who Should Attend

For the general public, individual employees or intact teams

Typical Challenges Addressed
  • EngagementDisengaged employees cost organizations millions of dollars of lost revenue. When employees and teams are playing a purpose-driven Bigger Game, they are deeply engaged.
  • Innovation – When there is no compelling WHY behind the WHAT we do, innovation suffers. We inherently become more creative, innovative and bolder with our actions when we are compelled and passionate about what we are doing.
  • Collaboration – Lack of authentic collaboration among group members yields superficial results. Although there may be disagreement along the way, there is a deep commitment and alignment with the direction of a defined Bigger Game. It is in these collaborative conversations that new ideas are born and implemented
Expected Outcomes
  • Engaged employees
  • Aligned team direction
  • Collaborative dialogue between Bigger Game players
  • Focused innovative thinking
  • Clarified purpose and vision
  • Clearly defined Bold Action(s)
  • An environment that welcomes change
  • Use The Bigger Game as an on-going reference tool for sustainable success
Workshop Structure

Length: 2-day workshop experience

Materials Provided: Workbook

Methods Used: Presentations, videos, group and paired discussions, individual and group interactive exercises, action planning, one-on-one coaching

Conducted by Susan Arnold, certified Bigger Game Leader

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