Bill Spreitzer

Bill Spreitzer of Excellerate Solutions was highly recommended to me by a third party as a very effective personal and business coach. I engaged Bill soon thereafter and we consequently worked together over a 3 month period on a regular basis. Bill is a true professional and he quickly helped me deeply understand my deep seated belief systems as well as realizing where my overriding strengths and passions lie that influence every aspect of my life.

The final results for me were truly eye opening to say the least. The various testing methods and exercises that Bill utilizes in his program yielded an accurate definition of my personal traits and thought processes. I have since become much more self aware and self confident of my strengths and live much more in the present moment than before. I truly understand exactly who I am but more importantly why I am who I am.

I would highly recommend Bill’s services to anyone in search of a breakthrough in their lives.

— Jeffrey Rinz – Business Owner


“I contracted with Bill at Excellerate Solutions because professionally I was in a rut and it was affecting many other facets of my life. After a couple of lay-offs and uninspiring jobs I found in my industry, I knew I needed to do something different. Through a series of meetings with Bill and using some qualified processes and “homework assignments”, Bill helped me peel back the layers of my life and see a different approach to my career and my job search.

Bill exhibited an empathetic and positive approach and systematically helped me to re-discover the Passion and Purpose in my life and how that relates to career choices and professional development. Bill also introduced me to the process of “Networking”, provided lists and contacts for various networking groups in my area and even accompanied me to several of them and introduced me to key personnel who could further be of help in the area of job search and professional development.

I am deeply grateful for the guidance and encouragement that he provided over the past 4-5 months.”

— Pete M. – Sales Professional


“Bill was instrumental in helping me get control over several areas of my life. I worked to better my health, increase my productivity, and reduce my stress by creating more balance in my life.”

— Barclay Sisk, Vice President, 1st Atlantic Brokerage


“Through my work with Bill I was able to reconnect with my true passion and rediscover my authentic self. His personal experiences, open and trustworthy demeanor, and his vast array of tools/resources allowed him to tailor his efforts to reach me at a deep and meaningful level. My work/life balance has never been better! Bill’s guidance and support along the way was invaluable and a true source of inspiration. Best investment ever.”

— David R., Sales Director, Overture Networks


“My past working experience with Bill and Excellerate Solutions was instrumental in my transition to another field of work. Through our work together, we were able to identify my passions and develop a plan for personal growth. Bill held me accountable for my own development and expected a high level of achievement. His feedback was always positive and honest with a defined set of goals. I highly recommend Excellerate Solutions for discovering your authentic self and purpose in life.”

— Darryl H., Founder, Space Logix

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Dave Vogelpohl

“Dave has been our business coach for almost a year now and we can really see the difference not only in our bottom line but in how we operate as a company. Dave is very diplomatic in working with family owned businesses and has helped to provide us with a clear vision for setting and accomplishing business goals through our action plan. If you are seeking a business coach I would readliy recommend Dave!”

— Abby Bittler – Director of Business Development, RB Engineering


“Dave is the perfect combination of approachable & professional. He respectfully guided me without doing it for me. As a small business owner, one gets told ‘No’ a lot. Refreshingly, Dave helped me believe in my own ideas without being condescending or inhibiting in any way. He understands the sometimes murky waters of business relationships, and has a real knack for expressing it in simple language. This was the best money I’ve invested so far in my business.”

— Becky Shankle, Owner – Eco-Modernism


“Dave Vogelpohl is remarkable!

As our company heads into the future, Dave has helped us prepare for future transitions and change. By inspiring and motivating us, we have found the courage to face the road ahead.
With his ideas, coaching, education and encouragement, he has equipped us with the proper tools, laid the groundwork and given us a “guardrail” for the challenges that lie before us. With his training and guidance, our team members found the strength and self-confidence to step up to the plate. The entire office has learned to operate like a team and everyone has a common interest in the direction and success of the business!

Dave’s friendly and professional attitude paired with his practical and relevant advice helped get us on track for a lifetime of success.”

— James Gurley, Sr., Owner and President – Concept Masonry, Inc.


“Dave has truly unraveled the illusive art of coaching to create fantastic results for his clients. His clarity of thought and perspective is matched only by his capability as a communicator. He is a delight to work with both professionally and personally.”

— Desi Narayanan, Principal – Building Perspective


“Dave’s real world business experience translates into practical, relevant, and invaluable advice.”

— Bonnie Rose, President – Canadian Standards Association

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Susan Arnold

“Working with Susan has helped grow my business greater then I ever expected.”

— Chris Smashe


“Susan has a belief in her clients that I never expected to find. The skeptic in me feared judgment from my honesty. Susan never judged. Instead, she validated my feelings, put them in perspective, and empowered me to take ownership of my life.”

— Maria D.


“Susan Arnold has a gift! If you want clear, cut to the chase, results in your life, hire Susan. I have been involved in different types of work over the years and have never achieved such concrete, life changing results so fast.”

— Carol S.


“Susan is an expert in this field, drawing upon her years of experience and detailed knowledge to create a unique individual program to suit her clients needs. I have experienced greater clarity as she has improved my work and personal performance dramatically.”

— Debra M.

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