Testimonials for Dave Vogelpohl

“Dave has been our business coach for almost a year now and we can really see the difference not only in our bottom line but in how we operate as a company. Dave is very diplomatic in working with family owned businesses and has helped to provide us with a clear vision for setting and accomplishing business goals through our action plan. If you are seeking a business coach I would readliy recommend Dave!”

— Abby Bittler – Director of Business Development, RB Engineering


“Dave is the perfect combination of approachable & professional. He respectfully guided me without doing it for me. As a small business owner, one gets told ‘No’ a lot. Refreshingly, Dave helped me believe in my own ideas without being condescending or inhibiting in any way. He understands the sometimes murky waters of business relationships, and has a real knack for expressing it in simple language. This was the best money I’ve invested so far in my business.”

— Becky Shankle, Owner – Eco-Modernism


“Dave Vogelpohl is remarkable!

As our company heads into the future, Dave has helped us prepare for future transitions and change. By inspiring and motivating us, we have found the courage to face the road ahead.
With his ideas, coaching, education and encouragement, he has equipped us with the proper tools, laid the groundwork and given us a “guardrail” for the challenges that lie before us. With his training and guidance, our team members found the strength and self-confidence to step up to the plate. The entire office has learned to operate like a team and everyone has a common interest in the direction and success of the business!

Dave’s friendly and professional attitude paired with his practical and relevant advice helped get us on track for a lifetime of success.”

— James Gurley, Sr., Owner and President – Concept Masonry, Inc.


“Dave has truly unraveled the illusive art of coaching to create fantastic results for his clients. His clarity of thought and perspective is matched only by his capability as a communicator. He is a delight to work with both professionally and personally.”

— Desi Narayanan, Principal – Building Perspective


“Dave’s real world business experience translates into practical, relevant, and invaluable advice.”

— Bonnie Rose, President – Canadian Standards Association


“Dave’s helped me open up to the possibilities of growth, broadened my thinking about what’s possible and focused me to take action on managed risks.”

— Ray Emery, Owner – Emery Advertising


“In 2007, we faced the challenge of re-branding our company and establishing short and long-term growth strategies for a changing market. Through Dave’s consistent mediation and advice, we established common goals and were able to effectively implement a new mission, vision, and specific strategic plan targeted to help through the transition period and into future years. Dave’s patient and professional attitude helped educate team members from various backgrounds and created a common shared vision for the future of the company.

We also engaged Dave Vogelpohl of Excellerate Solutions to provide individual coaching and training on business issues surrounding change management and leadership. This level of individual coaching allowed all of our staff to feel more involved in and a part of the changing business situations surrounding our transition. Employees were strengthened and value was recognized through increasing self-confidence, ownership, and individual decision making. This balanced approach to strategic thinking has left an indelible mark of improvement for key staff and is already showing a return on that investment through increased productivity and dedication.”

— Rich Henderson, VP Business Operations – Audubon Environmental


“The real strength of this entire program is Dave Vogelpohl himself. Dave’s extensive 30-year experience with Fortune 500 companies gives him a very good perspective of other businesses, both large or small but more importantly his diplomatic personal skills gives him the ability to ask the right questions at the right time in just the right way. While not seeming to be invasive or rude he is able to articulate thoughtful questions that aim directly at the center of important issues. His friendly but professional style allows his client to think about the essence of the question rather than feel that he/she has just been criticized. This is an extremely important skill that Dave exercises well during this very introspective process. On many occasions he has allowed me to view myself, my management style, and my company in ways that few people can.”