The Passion Profiler

The Passion Profiler™, a groundbreaking online tool, assesses and identifies an individual’s life and work-related passions which are the outward manifestation of the deeper inner purpose which drives that individual. These quantifiable passions are expressed as 10 Passion Profile Archetypes that define a person’s overall approach to work and life – and how they can be best engaged within their organization.
  • Talent Development
  • Succession/Career Planning
  • Assembling High Performing Teams
  • Deepening Employee Engagement (in current roles)
  • Effective Hiring and On-boarding
  • Strategy Deployment (what skills & passions needed)
Participant Insights Gained

The tool includes a Comprehensive Passion Profile Report for each respondent which:

  • Identifies and explains their Passion Profile Archetypes
  • Compares respondents’ Passion Profile Archetypes with group results
  • Identifies the archetype styles they are exhibiting at work
  • Examines how respondents’ views of themselves impact their role at work and their affiliation with the organization
  • Identifies their contribution to the flow of organizational knowledge
  • Highlights how self-reflection is impacting the expression of their individual purpose and passions
  • If done outside of an ongoing coaching relationship, a pre-survey 20-30 minute call with the person taking the instrument is included to gain familiarity with each other and answer any questions prior to taking the on-line survey. The assessment takes about 30 – 40 minutes to complete
  • Passion Profiler 20 page assessment report and a 60 – 90 minute coaching session done in person or via videoconference to go through the report.
The Passion Profiler is the original work of Purpose Linked Consulting