Career Development/Transition Coaching

Career Development and Transition Coaching helps individuals with career advancement, professional reinvention, navigating a “crossroads” in one’s career, or working through a career crisis. It identifies future directions and the path to reach them. Through skilled listening, feedback, the use of frameworks and assessment tools, the coach, in conjunction with the client, develops and carries forth a plan for reaching their goals.
Typical Challenges Addressed
  • Career Direction: Working closely with the client, the coach aids in identifying their most fulfilling career direction whether it be within a company structure, non-profit, entrepreneurship or retirement.
  • Work Performance: The coach supports the client in making informed decisions about their current performance and how to best manage necessary changes so as to better position the client for career advancement moving forward.
  • Job Search: The job search encompasses interviewing skills, identifying available roles and positions, effective networking, and powerful ways to market the client to potential employers.
Expected Outcomes
  • Clear understanding of professional Goals, Gifts and Passions
  • Powerful and effective Interviewing Skills
  • Smooth Transitions through major professional changes/challenges
  • New and resonant perspectives designed to enhance Decision Making
  • Effective Assimilation of previous professional experiences.
  • Improved Motivation and Confidence in the job search and/or current job.
  • Effective Coping Mechanisms for challenging issues
  • Getting into Action with Accountability for accomplishing defined goals

A typical coaching engagement is at least 3 months in duration.

  • In person coaching sessions or via Phone/ video conference; typically 45 – 60 minutes
  • Multiple sessions to discover the client’s needs, passions, and values
  • Successive weekly, bi-weekly or monthly sessions depending on urgency of the topic
  • Action items for the client to achieve their desired goals
  • Accountability and candid feedback from the coach to promote positive change
  • Possible use of the Passion Profiler, a psychometric tool for identifying the client’s top 3 passions and how they are/are not utilized at work. A 20 page report along with a 60 – 90 minute debrief included.